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Vendor / Producers FAQs

Where can a vendor/producer sell their products?

This program's insurance is not location or distribution specific. You can sell retail at any organized venue you choose. The program also allows for the sale of your products thru wholsale channels such as grocery stores, restaurants or gift shops. General liability coverage does not extend over your farming or manufaturing location. (ie; If someone slips and falls in you driveway, that would be covered under your homeowners policy.)

If i own a farm, can Campbell Risk Management insure the entire farming opperation?

Yes.  For information see Small Farm Insurance or contact contact Larry Spilker (800) 730-7475 ext 203

How does a vendor pay their premiums?

Program costs are paid annually directly to Campbell Risk Management, 9595 Whitley Drive #204, Indianapolis, IN 46240. CRM manages the applications and annual renewals, and will assist in processing all claims.  Once coverage is extended, the cost is fully earned and non-refundable.

How many venues can a vendor/producer add to the policy as an additional insured?

CRM has added an endorsement to the policy for blanket additional insured. There is no limit or additional cost for certificates. In the event of a product liability or general liability suit where both parties are named, the venue is covered as an additional insured. This also allows the vendor to only need one certificate of insurance that specifies blanket additional insured.

What is the turnaround time from application to having a certificate of insurance sent?

From the time an application is submitted, a certificate of insurance should be emailed to applicant normally within two or five business days.

What kinds of products can be covered by this policy?

Whole foods, processed foods, gift baskets and crafts are just a few examples of they types of products covered. It is required that all applicable federal, state, and local permitting procedures are being followed. Examples of items not covered would be items targeted toward infants, items directly imported by the vendor or products claiming to heal illness. On the application, producers will list the products intended for sale. If the products being offered are outside the scope of the underwriter's ability to cover, the producer will be contacted directly to discuss other coverage options.  Liquor legal liability is not covered under this policy. Liquor legal liability coverage may be available at an additional cost.

What if a market I want to sell in requires more than $1 million in coverage?

The program parameters are currently set up for $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 annual aggregate. For those needing higher coverage, an additional $1,000,000 in excess liability coverage is available for about $500 per year in most states.

Is this program available in all states?

Thanks to the support of the Farmers Market Coalition, we have been successful in getting approved to offer this policy in every state (except Hawaii and Alaska).  The annual cost of the program starts at $275 per vendor depending on your state, types of products sold and esitmated gross annual sales. In addition to the premiums stated there are a few states that charge an insurance premium tax that would be a small addition to the premium stated above.

Will this program cover me for sales that I make from on my personal farm or other location?

This insurance program is not location-specific and provides coverage for vendor sales at any venue location where they sell their products. Liability for product sales made on the producer’s farm are covered for product liability but general liability for the producers property is not part of this policy coverage and should be picked up as part of their farm policy.

If a farmer already has a rider on their farm policy covering their sales at the market, why should they get this in addition to or instead of the rider on their farm insurance policy?

Many farmers are getting this policy and dropping the rider on their farm policy which provides coverage for off-the-farm sales. One reason for doing this is that a separate policy provides an extra layer of protection for a minimal cost and protects the farmer’s whole farm insurance premium from any rate increases due to a claim made for product or general liability related to sales off of the farm.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Larry Spilker

Campbell Risk Management

(800) 730-7475 ext 203

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